The enchanted forest party theme can be adapted to focus on woodland animals, fairies, elves, goblins and trolls! 

Sprinkle some fairy dust and enjoy a magical party with a woodland animals trolls, goblins and fairies theme! 

Our Enchanted Forest parties include:

  • An experienced children's entertainer as host

  • An experienced party assistant (if needed)

  • Action packed imaginative themed games 

  • Fun pop and themed music

  • Carefully themed props and decorations

  • Personlised printable invitations

  • Themed quality party prizes 

  • Pass the parcel with a treat in every layer and a quality themed present

What happens at an Enchanted Forest  party?

From the minute the children arrive they will be engaged in a selection of  fantastic games and activities.....for example:

 * Fairy/Hairy Heads Sticker bookmarks     * Woodland animal craft

 * Fairy/Goblin Toadstool hop

 * Fairy dad dress up!!!

 * Free the Fairies and Capture the Trolls

 * Magical Mushrooms

 * Good Fairy/Bad Fairy Freeze Tig

 * Tink's bell

 * Who's got Tink's ring? 

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Party prices:

Our Enchanted Forest parties usually last for 2 hours (which includes approximately half an hour at the end of the entertainment for tea and cake).

Enchanted Forest parties are £19for up to15 children.

Enchanted Forest parties for up to 30 children are £225. 






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