Frequently asked questions......

How far ahead do I need to plan the party? 

It is advisable to consider booking any party approximately 2 months in advance. We get particularly busy from Easter to mid Summer.  We are also very busy in the run up to Christmas.

Once you have decided on your theme, the next decision is probably the venue choice. All parties are best run in a community venue, such as a village hall.  


Where should I have the party? Can you recommend a venue? 

There are plenty of local venues to choose from and we are happy to advise.  Each party theme has different space requirements and of course, it also depends on the age of the children and how many are being invited! 

What ages do you cater for?

We cater for ages 4 years and upwards. However, different themes are suited to different ages, with some themes being able to be adapted for all (such as Dinosaurs - which can be for anything from  a  Good Dinosaur type party to Jurassic Park type party!). Spy parties are best for age 8 and over and CSI Forensics is  suitable for age 10 years and over.

Do you provide the food?

This is the one thing we do not provide, although we are more than happy to advise on themed food ideas!  

What do the adults do at the party? 

With younger children, adults often want to stay and chat and watch their children enjoying the party. If this is the case, it is ideal if there is an area at the back of the room for adults to mingle. With the best will in the world, adults don't always realise how loudly they are chatting and it can make entertaining the children very difficult. We are, of course, more than happy for mums, dads and friends to join in the party fun with us (especially the action packed disco songs).

For older children - adults are often grateful for a break and are happy to leave their children to have fun. If adults are dropping off their children, don't forget to keep a list of contact numbers and any medical information needed (e.g. allergies). Download a form here. 

How and when do I pay? 

We do not need a deposit. Payment is via Paypal 24 hrs before the party or cash on the day please. This is often best sorted out at the beginning of the party, as the end of the party is often very busy and we like to clear away without any fuss, whilst the birthday children are enjoying their tea! 

My child is extremely shy or nervous

Don't worry! I am an experienced teacher and we will do everything we can to make sure that they feel supported and included. We often encourage them to be our little helpers! 

My child has special needs.

My background is working with children with a range of learning disabilities, physical disabilities and autism. My daughter is on the autistic spectrum. I have a wealth of experience supporting children with differing abilities and ensure that we adapt all parties to include everyone!